I have trained under Miss Flynn’s guidance for 16 years. Growing up through the school, it has always been a place of quality and a place where I have felt at home. Claire HobblerMy love and passion for dance, that being ballet in particular, was nurtured. Miss Flynn goes beyond the constraints of simply a teacher. To me she is a mentor, and has taught me about life and the industry of dance. I have developed confidence, discipline, etiquette and strong technique. Without her constant support and encouragement, I would never have achieved what I have. She nurtures passion when she sees it, going great lengths to encourage the greatest potential from each student. Her reputation is of a high standard and her artistry is contagious. I couldn’t speak more highly of the Academy, and all of the teachers that work to create an enjoyable, hardworking atmosphere, producing a high standard of young dancers.

Clare Hobler

Clare’s Achievements

  • 2014 Musical Theatre CATS Harvest Rain Theatre Company, Callum Mansfield, Victoria
  • 2014 Model/Dancer Ice Cold Milk Exhibition LA Film Scope, Luke G, The Star
  • 2012 Ballet Vector to the Victor Ballet Magnificat! Trainee II Company, Jiri Voborsky, Ensemble
  • 2011 Ballet Snow Queen- World Premiere Ballet Magnificat!, Jiri Voborsky, Featured Ensemble
  • 2011 Ballet Grateful People Ballet Magnificat! Trainee I Company, Cassandra Voborsky, Featured Ensemble
  • 2011 Ballet Selah Ballet Magnificat! Trainee I Company, Jiri Voborsky, Featured Ensemble
  • 2010 Ballet A Christmas Dream (The Nutcracker) Ballet Magnificat! Kathy Thibedeaux, Angel/Fly
  • 2009 Dance /Theatre Unspeakable Excelsia Dance Company, Sandra Goode, Featured Ensemble
  • 2008 Ballet The Nutcracker The Australian Ballet School, Marilyn Rowe OBE, Ensemble
  • 2007 Ballet Grande Tarantella The Australian Ballet School, Leigh Rowles, Featured Ensemble
  • 2007 Ballet Coppelia The Australian Ballet School, Marilyn Row
  • ARAD from the Royal Academy of Dance, Queensland Ballet Junior Extensions Program, Australian Ballet Interstate Program

I started attending Kay Flynn Dancing Academy in 2010. I can clearly remember my first class, and how welcoming the students were and how dedicated and passionate Miss Flynn was about dance.

Gianne BezerIt is an environment that was so inspiring and taught me the skills I needed to be a dancer. I now am in my third year at the Queensland University of Technology studying a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance. I’ve been able to work with industry professionals and attend master classes with Elise May from Expressions Dance Company, Aakesh Odedra from Akram Khan Dance Company and Heidi Duckler from Heidi Duckler Theatre.

A highlight in my dance career thus far is performing in Agatha Gothe Snape’s site specific dance piece (Others Ways to Enter and Exit) at the Gallery of Modern Art in Brisbane. My passion for dance has also led me to working with the Dance for Parkinson’s program run at the Queensland Ballet Studios.

I thank Miss Flynn for providing me with the skills not only in dance but in giving me an array of morals to succeed in life. Miss Flynn has given me confidence to have a voice in the arts by nurturing my passion throughout my training at KFDA and well after I left the studio. To me KFDA will always feel like home.

We have been involved with Kay Flynn Dancing Academy for over 14 years, and seen the progress of our grand daughter from beginner to a highly qualified teacher of dance.

During this time we have learnt to assess, and competently critique many aspects of dancing such as teaching, eisteddfods, choreography, creativity etc. We have seen excellent results by some individual dancers, and some fantastic creativity in the annual concerts.

In trying to encapsulate our strong opinion of the Academy as simply as possible, we turned to a dictionary which really says it all

“If someone has a gift for a particular art form, such a person has “outstanding abilities which allows the person to interact with the environment with remarkably higher levels of achievement and creativity than normally expected .”

Kay Flynn has a gift for teaching ballet.

Robin & Helen Pyke

Carmen ReidI joined Kay Flynn Dancing Academy six years ago and was welcomed into a loving and supporting environment. Miss Flynn was paramount in improving my technical skills. She leads her students by example, encouraging appropriate etiquette to help form the whole person. I have enjoyed my time at KFDA and the helpful guidance through examination time and our rewarding end of year concerts.

For the last eight months I have had the privilege to be able to teach at KFDA and pass on all I have learnt during my time at the Academy.

Carmen Reid