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Join One of the Most Prestigious Dance Schools in the Gold Coast

We are a family of dancers and parents who aim to create, encourage, and facilitate each performer’s journey. We’re ranked among the top dance schools in the Gold Coast and focus on developing up and coming dance enthusiasts. Kay Flynn Dancing Academy is successfully spearheaded by Kay, who is not only a registered teacher at the Royal Academy of Dance but also holds numerous titles and awards attained throughout her career.

Benefits of Joining Gold Coast Dance Schools

Besides the physical and mental benefits, dance classes develop various skillsets for your child to use throughout their lives.

  • Dancing combines the physical benefits of aerobic exercise with weight-bearing movements, improving your child’s physical health. A passion for dance in adolescence can motivate children to stay active as they grow into young adults. Dance lessons for kids increase their flexibility, range of motion, and stamina, which assist in other activities throughout their lifetime.
  • Dance studios in the Gold Coast provide children with the liberty to channel their energies and emotions in a safe environment. When children experience the pleasure of dancing, they learn how to express themselves, which benefits both their physical and mental wellbeing. This individualism provides a structured passage for a healthy emotional release that aids in developing your child’s maturity.
  • A highly social activity, dance classes teach children how to work as part of a team while developing a sense of trust and collaboration between peers. This encouraged socialisation shapes your child’s character and promotes healthy communication skills from an early age. Interacting with their fellow dance class will likely develop into lifelong friendships.
  • Whether it’s classical, jazz, ballet, or hip hop classes, dance inspires children to express their creativity. They encourage creativity and imagination teaches children how to think critically when facing various situations. Early childhood is the ideal period for your child to develop their creativity and build on their critical thinking, as this provides a solid foundation for their future.
  • Attending dance lessons in the Gold Coast teaches kids about time management and self-discipline. As children progress, a dancer effectively learns how to balance dance, school, and extracurricular activities, while maintaining a healthy social life. This dedication and focus that children practice in dance class are vital life skills that they carry with them through school, work, and other aspects of their lives.

Tips for Getting More Value out of Kids’ Dance Classes in the Gold Coast

If your child loves to dance on the playground and just can’t help but move their body when their favourite song comes on, you may want to consider enrolling them in our Gold Coast dance studio. The wide variety of dance styles we offer enables your child to express themselves through exercise. The key is to pair them to a style suited to their preferences. We have highlighted four popular dance styles that could be their perfect match.

  • Jazz. This high-energy dance involves dramatic movements. It’s ideal for kids who have larger-than-life personalities and love to perform. This diverse dance style covers anything from a modern pop song to a slower, more defined routine. The wide array of movements makes it especially exciting for kids who bore easily. We provide both the improvisation and technical skills required for this versatile dance.
  • Hip hop. This fun, creative style of dance, usually performed to upbeat music, teaches kids basic moves that they’re able to modify and improvise as they improve. Hip hop is popular among young children as they get to dance to music they know, with moves they’ve likely seen before. This style is great for kids who don’t like dance guideline restrictions and provides a way to express their personalities while building much-needed confidence. Hip hop is a great cardiovascular exercise and builds body awareness as they progress.
  • Tap. Tap is a rhythmic and energetic dance style that’s fun for everyone. This style is great for kids who love making a noise, and they don’t need to possess coordination skills either. Tap works well for both group classes and individual performances, lending itself to self-expression; tap is an excellent exercise for all levels of dancers.
  • Musical theatre. Often performed in groups, this dance form uses fluid movements to tell a story. This style requires a high level of presentation to convey messages and is thought to be the most emotional form of dance. Musical theatre is ideal for children who love to perform and coincides with various other dance forms. If your child is energetic, then this could be their calling.

Key Questions to Ask Kay Flynn Dancing Academy About Toddler Dance Classes in the Gold Coast

We understand there are important factors to consider when gaining a better understanding of our Gold Coast dance classes.

  • What type of flooring does your studio have? We understand how important it is for students to practice their routines on a proper foundation, which is why we’ve equipped our studios with sprung flooring. Not only does this flooring aid in performing the various movements, but it also protects our dancer’s joints during practice.
  • What should my child wear? Instructors need to see the body alignment of students while dancing, so baggy clothing is not ideal. A slim-fitting leotard paired with a pair of tights enables us to provide constructive criticism to develop their technique.
  • How are your students graded? Our dancers are typically grouped by age or ability, sometimes a combination of both. We believe that dancers should not be held back or advanced just because of their age. A combination of age and ability provides our students with a challenging environment, still keeping up with their peers.

Why Trust Kay Flynn Dancing Academy Regarding Dance Classes

Our talented instructors guide and mentor each child’s abilities, and mould them into the best dancer they can be. We boast various success stories of children we have taught, who have gone on to achieve great things throughout their dance careers.

If you want to join the best dance school in the Gold Coast, contact us.